Dunkin' Is Permanently Closing 800 of Its Locations—Here's Why (2024)

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Dunkin' Is Permanently Closing 800 of Its Locations—Here's Why (1)

ByKrista Garcia

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Updated: Nov. 10, 2023

    Dunkin' Is Permanently Closing 800 of Its Locations—Here's Why (2)JStone/Shutterstock

    800 Dunkin' locations are getting the boot by the end of the year—here's what we know.

    Prepare to say goodbye to a daily Boston Kreme, because Dunkin’ will be closing up shop on 800 locations by the end of 2020. This might be the biggest news since Dunkin’ dropped the Donuts part of its name.

    This means Dunkin’ will be have slimmed-down ranks like Starbucks and McDonald’s, which recently shuttered a number of locations.

    Don’t worry, though—there will still be plenty of stores Dunkin’ that stay open.

    Why Is Dunkin’ Closing Stores?

    During the first round of closures, the only locations in danger of getting the boot were located inside of Speedway gas stations (which are primarily on the East Coast) and are smaller than usual Dunkin’ locations, with limited menus. This news was originally reported back in February, but Dunkin’ has recently confirmed the closures. According to Dunkin’s chief financial officer Kate Jaspon, these locations represented less than 0.5% of the chain’s U.S. sales in 2019.

    The major change we’ll see in the chain comes after Dunkin’s second quarter earning results, which determined 350more locations will be permanently closing their doors, though there’s no confirmation of where. The combined total means 800 stores will close in the US by the end of 2020. It’s not all bad news, though—96% of Dunkin’ locations have opened up shop as of July 25, and sales have slowly risen ever since.

    In short, these Dunkin’ locations inside of gas stations were underperforming even before the global pandemic hit.

    The World Runs on Dunkin’

    Even though there are nine states where Dunkin’ doesn’t do business, they still manage the be the #1 doughnut retailer in the United States and claims to sell more than 2.9 billion doughnuts and 2 billion cups of coffee each year. That’s a lot of doughnuts!

    If you haven’t checked out the Dunkin’ menu at locations around the world, you’re in for a treat. Sure, you might find glazed and old-fashioned doughnuts, but you’ll also discover unexpected ingredients like Parmesan cheese and dates!

    These Dunkin’ copycat recipes show you how to recreate all of your favorites, from Coolattas to breakfast sandwiches.

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    Inspired by: Sugared DonutOne day, my father got a hankering for doughnuts and asked me to make him some. I ended up trying these. Dad—and everyone else—loved the results. They come out so golden and plump. —Lisa Bates, Dunham, Quebec

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    If you're looking for a grab-and-go breakfast for busy days, this high-protein sandwich is low in fat and keeps me full all morning. Plus, it's only about 200 calories! —Brenda Otto, Reedsburg, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Iced Coffee with Mocha Flavor Swirl When my sister introduced me to iced coffee, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Not only did I love it, but I decided to start making my own iced coffee recipe. This easy version is a refreshing alternative to hot coffee. —Jenny Reece, Lowry, Minnesota

    Inspired by: Everything BagelWho has time to make from-scratch bagels? You do, with this easy recipe! The chewy golden bagels offer a hint of honey and will win over even the pickiest eaters. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe photo by Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Hot Chocolate You need just a few basic ingredients to stir up this spirit-warming sipper. The comforting beverage is smooth and not too sweet, making it just right for a cozy chilly night. —Flo Snodderly, North Vernon, Indiana

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    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Glazed DonutThe light coffee flavor in these tasty sugar-glazed doughnuts makes them a perfect start to the morning...on Christmas Day or any day. You'll find that the recipe is a delectable way to use up leftover potatoes. —Pat Siebenaler, Random Lake, Wisconsin

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    Inspired by: Oatmeal with Dried Fruit ToppingThere’s no better feeling than waking up to a hot, ready-to-eat breakfast. The oats, fruit and spices in this homey meal cook together while you sleep! —Valerie Sauber, Adelanto, California

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    Inspired by: Hot Coffee with Hazelnut Flavor Swirl The blend of flavors—coffee, hazelnut and a bit of chocolate—makes this drink absolutely sensational. It is delightful for breakfast or brunch, or serve it as one of your beverage offerings at a co*cktail or dinner party. —Frieda Bliesner, McAllen, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    My husband leaves for work at 4 a.m., and I want him to have a healthy breakfast to start the day. I usually make half a dozen of these on Sunday and keep them in the fridge so he can grab one and go. —Dauna Harwood, Union, Michigan

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    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: English Muffin When I was growing up on a farm, my mom always seemed to be making homemade bread...nothing tasted so good! Now I like to make these simple yet delicious muffins for my own family. —Linda Rasmussen, Twin Falls, Idaho

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    Inspired by: Strawberry CoolattaColorful and refreshing, this sweet-tart slush has become a family favorite. I freeze the mix in 2- and 4-cup containers so it can be served in small portions for individuals or the whole family. I also freeze crushed strawberries to make preparation simpler. —Connie Friesen, Altona, Manitoba

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    Inspired by: Vanilla Frosted Donut

    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Vanilla ChaiA wonderful sweet and spicy aroma wafts from the slow cooker as this fragrant and flavorful chai tea cooks. —Crystal Jo Burns, Iliff, Colorado

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    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Blueberry MuffinThese pretty golden muffins are moist, flavorful and even good for you! Pair one with a hot cup of coffee or tea on a cold winter day for a comforting break. —Jean Howard, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

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    Inspired by: Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a Croissant

    Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Chocolate Glazed DonutI first tried these tasty treats at my sister's house and thought they were the best I'd ever had. They're easy to make, and the fudge frosting tops them off well. When I make them for friends, the recipe is always requested. —Pat Davis, Beulah, Michigan

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    Inspired by: Hot Chocolate with French Vanilla and Toasted Almond Flavor Shots Treat your family to this comforting, homemade cocoa as you decorate the tree or open holiday gifts. Vanilla and almond extracts make it taste even more special. —Vicki Holloway, Joelton, Tennessee

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    Inspired by: Coffee Cake MuffinBack when my children were youngsters, they loved these doughnut muffins as after-school treats or with Sunday brunch. —Sharon Pullen, Alvinston, Ontario

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    Inspired by: Powdered MunchkinsEnjoy breakfast the New Orleans way with these warm, crispy bites. Topped with powdered sugar, they are a delight! —Lois Rutherford, Elkton, Florida

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    Inspired by: Iced Sweet Tea A pinch of baking soda eliminates bitterness in this smooth and easy-to-sip tea and it has just the right amount of sugar so it's not overly sweet. —kelseylouise, Taste of Home Community Member

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    Jelly Doughnuts Recipe photo by Taste of Home

    Inspired by: Jelly DonutThere's no need to run to the bakery for delicious jelly doughnuts! These sweet treats are lighter than air. I've been fixing them for 25 years for my husband, our two daughters and their families. They disappear almost as fast as I make them. —Kathy Westendorf, Westgate, Iowa

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    This is a great kid-friendly recipe that takes only 20 minutes to prepare and cook.—Sharon Haswell, Cheshire, Massachusetts

    Originally Published: August 03, 2020


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    Dunkin' Is Permanently Closing 800 of Its Locations—Here's Why (23)

    Dunkin' Is Permanently Closing 800 of Its Locations—Here's Why (2024)
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