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T Claydon

I love this recipe, but I find that it only needs less than half the sugar. I can eat it by the spoonful. It is even better after sitting in the fridge for a few days.


Ok, I was a bit dubious....
This is a lovely sauce/relish/chutney. It has a very bright flavour , almost a palette cleanser.
A definite keeper....
I did reduce the sugar to 9 oz. Someone had said that they didn't need all the sugar. They were right.


Who knew these three ingredients would make a wonderfully bright and vibrant relish/chutney?! A total keeper! I too reduced the sugar (thanks to others for this tip) and I used Turbinado sugar instead of white... gives it a more earthy sweetness. Another nod to the tip to use a flour guard... I didn't have one but used saran wrap until the cranberries stopped "jumping" out of the bowl. Also, as I made it four days early, I added a cinnamon stick while in the fridge... BONUS!


Also love this. And agree about needing half the sugar--I didn't remember the other comments and ending up adding more cranberries about 10 minutes in. Also added some chopped orange and orange rind, as well as a bit of grated ginger.


Cranberries were flying out of the bowl. Suggest using the flour guards when it is first mixing.

Definitely less sugar.


Joel Rosch

This is a great dish. makes all other cranberry recipes seem either too sweet or tasteless. In this dish you really taste the cranberries. Variation, I add a little less sugar, but a little orange liqueur. If you use less sugar, try it on cold roast beef, or with a soft cheese.This year I'm adding pomegranate seeds and chopped pistachio nuts for looks a to make it a little more tart. Enjoy.

Franco B

love this no-cook recipe (and was skeptical at the beginning too). Used only 8 oz of sugar (as suggested by others) and was plenty sweet, with good consistency. Added a handful of toasted sliced almonds before serving (ala Craig Claiborne)


I threw in some dried figs (steeped in hot water for ~5 mins) for additional flavor. Delicious!Definitely dont need as much sugar as the recipe calls for. With the figs, I added only 1/2 cup of sugar and it was more than enough


So easy. Nice with 1/4 tsp each cinnamon and coriander. Zested 3 languishing cuties and used 1/4 peel of preserved orange peel from my tree. Great payoff for little effort.

D. Weaver

Delicious. Followed others suggestions, and I reduced the sugar to 5 oz and it was delightfully tart. I added chopped walnuts for some crunch. Served it with slivers of orange rind on top and it was as beautiful as it was tasty.


Excellent and super easy. Took advice of others and used only 1/2 sugar called for which was perfect. Used an old t-shirt tied around mixer so as not to have flying cranberries and let it run for about an hour & half. Added a cinnamon stick and lumps of fresh ginger to chutney as it was marinating in fridge. It gets better as the flavors meld together; 3 days in fridge is about right. Excellent texture. Great chunky texture which lives up to chutney designation.

Rose Casa

Fabulous! We had three cranberry sauces: one with figs; the regular, cooked Sam Sifton one; and this. This one bested them all! BUT - used a bit less than a cup of sugar, and did not macerate in mixer for an hour- maybe half that? Because the motor was getting warm! Anyway, I’m a convert.


half the sugar and make it a few days before. it’s delicious over vanilla ice cream.


Half the sugar, and it came out amazingly. Definitely will repeat and try cinnamon next time.


Made this with the full amount of sugar and added a bit of Grand Marnier, along with some cinnamon and ginger. It was delicious! Mine also came out soupy, with too much liquid (perhaps some super moist cranberries??), but I strained off the extra sugar water, and it was fine. Will definitely make again, perhaps with less sugar as others have suggested.


LOVE this. Agree with less sugar, making a day or two earlier with a cinnamon stick and adding pistachios and pomegranates before serving. It's a keeper!


All time favorite! 3/4 cup sugar is perfect balance of sweet tart for me. And after years of cranberries bouncing out of the bowl and all over my kitchen, finally just wrapped the entire thing in cling wrap - from the side of the mixing bowl, right over the top of the mixer, to the other side of the bowl, and let it go. Problem solved! Not sure why I didn’t heed this advice sooner ;)


A flop…ended up with raw-ish chopped cranberries and red sugar water. Tried to cook it afterwards to salvage it and it didn’t even cook properly because of the strange texture. Disappointing.


this is wonderful, but the recipe has 3-4 times more sugar than is necessary.


Used 1 cup of regular sugar with this


This is delicious. I’ve made it twice now and each batch needed a different amount of sugar. I start with 1/2 cup and add more to taste over a period of a few hours. At its best between 3-5 days.I followed someone else’s recommendation to put a cinnamon stick into one of the batches. That provides a lovely, subtle boost. I like to garnish it with a few chunks of supremed Cara-Cara segments.

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Cranberry Chutney Recipe (2024)
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