Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (2024)

Nothing in life is free anymore, which is why it’s surprising to see that there are still lots of free VPNs. Well, we’re not complaining. As much as we recognize the importance of using a VPN for online privacy, we also know that not everyone is willing to spend their hard-earned money on VPN software.

That being said, we should also be careful when utilizing a free VPN service. When something that usually costs money is being offered to us for free, we shouldn’t always be trusting. That is true for many free VPNs. A lot of them do more harm than good. Some will collect browsing data to sell in order to make profit; some have compromised server networks that provide zero privacy; some can even infect your device with malware.1

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (1)

As a general rule of thumb, we advise against using free VPNs from unknown providers or those with very generic names (e.g. Free VPN Proxy, Unlimited Free VPN, etc.). But if you’re truly looking for the best free VPNs, we have a list of VPN services we trust that offer free versions of their software. Just keep in mind that with these options, you might have to live with some limitations. First, check out the best free VPNs that we personally tested in 2024.

The Best Free VPNs of 2024

  1. Hotspot Shield - Fastest Free VPN
  2. PrivadoVPN - Best Free VPN for Unlimited Devices
  3. Atlas VPN - Best Free VPN for Privacy
  4. Surfshark - Best VPN Free Trial
  5. TunnelBear - Best Server Network

Why We Don’t Always Recommend Free VPNs

You might notice in our review of the best VPNs that our top picks all cost money. While we’ve tested out many decent free VPNs, they simply do not provide as good an experience as premium VPNs because many free VPNs put limits on things like:

  • The number of servers you can can connect to
  • Your daily or monthly data usage
  • The number of devices you can connect
  • The speed of your VPN connections

Still, we’d rather have those limitations than the alternative – sketchy VPN brands offering free services with no limits whatsoever. The difference is that those limited free VPNs are from well-established service providers that also have paid-for products. Their intentions are clear: They are offering limited free services to attract customers to try out their VPN in the hopes of eventually getting them to buy a subscription. They are out to impress, and so they are less likely to do things like gather and sell your data or infect your device with malware.

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (2)

Since they have limitations, however, the best way to pick a free VPN is to choose which ones have limitations you can live with according to how you plan to use it. For example, if you’re looking for a good VPN for traveling, pick a free VPN with more server locations than others. If you’re looking for a good VPN for streaming, choose one with no speed limits and a higher data usage allowance.

It’s also possible that you won’t find a free VPN that suits your needs. If that’s the case, might we humbly offer an alternative?

Affordable VPN Options

There’s a stark difference in features between free VPNs and VPNs that cost money – even those that cost as little as just over $2 per month. If none of the free options we listed suit you, then it might be time to consider an affordable VPN. We recommend these three VPNs we tested in particular because they offer the most premium features for cheap, with prices starting at $2.19 per month.

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (3)

Editor's Rating:

9.7 /10

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Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (4)

Editor's Rating:

9.5 /10

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Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (5)

Editor's Rating:

9.4 /10

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Before you decide anything, though, read our full review of the best free VPNs.

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Best Free VPNs of 2024


Hotspot Shield

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (6)

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (7)


Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (8)

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (9)

Atlas VPN

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (10)

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (11)


Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (12)

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (13)


Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (14)

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (15)

Ranking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ratings 8.9/10

Fastest free VPN


Unlimited devices


Best for privacy


Best free trial


Best server network

Works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, FireTV, AndroidTV Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Fire TV Stick apps, Xbox Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
Data Usage Limit 15 minutes of use per ad 10 GB every 30 days 5 GB None 8 GB per month
Connection Speed Limits No speed limit No speed limit No speed limit No speed limit No speed limit
Server Locations 3 countries 14 cities 3 locations 63 40+ countries
Split Tunneling No No No Yes Yes (Android app only)
5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, or 14 Eyes Member Yes No Yes No Yes
Limitations of Freemium Version
  • 15-minute access per ad
  • Four server locations
  • 10 GB data usage limit every 30 days
  • Servers in 14 cities only
  • One connection at a time
  • 3 server locations
  • Ads
  • 5 GB monthly data limit
30 day trial
  • 8 GB data usage per month
  • No Netflix access
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
Read Review Hotspot Shield Review PrivadoVPN Review Atlas VPN Review Surfshark Review TunnelBear Review

A Closer Look at the Best Free VPNs of 2024

  • 1. Hotspot Shield - Fastest Free VPN

    Product Specs

    Multi-hop Yes
    Camouflage Mode No
    Kill switch Yes
    Split Tunneling No
    Netflix Yes, but not in all regions
    Torrenting Yes

    Data Usage Limit

    Hotspot Shield doesn’t technically have a data usage limit, but there is a time limit. The VPN is ad-supported. Every 15- to 30-second ad it showed granted us free access for 15-minutes, and if we ran out of time, we could just watch another ad over and over to extend it. Watching multiple ads in a row to stack up the limit was even an option. Four ads equals one hour – more than enough to use it to browse during our lunch breaks.

    Server Limit

    We found this the most limiting aspect of Hotspot Shield VPN. It gave us only four server options – Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, and London – unlike TunnelBear, our best pick for server availability, which has over 20 free locations worldwide. Needless to say, Hotspot Shield isn’t a good VPN for changing Netflix streaming regions.

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (18)

    » Learn more: How to Watch Netflix With a VPN

    Speed Limit

    On the other hand, Hotspot Shield’s speed was impressive. Despite the company’s claim that the premium version is four times faster2, the speed we got from the free version rivaled even the fastest premium VPNs. We got 237 Mbps and 220 Mbps download and upload speeds via the Singapore server using our 250 Mbps fiber-optic network. That’s a less than 12-percent decrease.

    Device Limit

    We didn’t have to sign up for an account to use the free VPN, so there was no device limit. However, if you register your free account and try to sign in on multiple devices, there will be a five-device limit.

    What We Like
    • Speed that rivals premium VPNs
    • Can extend free access with ads
    • Works on up to five devices per account
    • Doesn’t log browsing activities
    What We Don’t Like
    • Only four server locations
    • Detected and blocked by Netflix on several occasions
    • Apps take time to load
    • In-app pop-up ads

    Hotspot Shield came out on top in terms of download speed when we tested and compared VPN speeds, but that was the premium version. We were pleasantly surprised to find that even the free version boasts such fast connections.

    Add to that the time-based usage limit, and you get a free VPN that’s good for downloading large files. We wouldn’t count on it for streaming, though. On more than a few occasions, Netflix was able to detect we were using a VPN, which prevented us from changing our Netflix region and downloading episodes in advance. We were still able to stream internationally available titles though thanks to Netflix’s recent policy change regarding VPN use.3

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (19)

    One more thing to note is that Hotspot Shield makes it clear that the purpose of the free version is to get users to upgrade to a premium account. There were pop-up ads in the apps, banners plastered all over with Hotspot Shield Premium promotions, and skippable ads when connecting and disconnecting. Luckily, you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the app. We only ever used it to connect to the VPN and watch ads to extend our time limit.

  • 2. PrivadoVPN - Best Free VPN for Unlimited Devices

    Editors Rating:

    9.0 /10

    View Packages

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (20) Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (21)

    How We Review

    Data Usage Limit

    PrivadoVPN offers 10 GB of free data per month, but it doesn’t carry over to the next month so you have to use it all up or it goes poof! 10 GB is enough to last a month for light browsing – scrolling on Facebook, searching home improvement ideas on Pinterest, etc. – but it’s not enough for video streaming. It didn’t even last us a week of browsing TikTok while on break, and unlike Hotspot Shield, there was no option to extend the usage limit.

    Server Limit

    PrivadoVPN offers generous options of server locations. It has 10 free locations – the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, India, Netherlands, and Mexico. It was able to unblock streaming libraries from those locations too. Netflix uses approximately 1 GB of data for every four hours of streaming, so PrivadoVPN could work as a free Netflix VPN.4

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (22)

    » Further Reading: VPNs Best for Netflix

    Speed Limit

    Connected to the “best” available server according to the app, we got a 146 Mbps download speed and 34 Mbps upload speed from PrivadoVPN. That’s a huge decline compared to our 250 Mbps network speed, but understandable since it’s a free VPN.

    Device Limit

    PrivadoVPN allowed us to use the free VPN on as many devices as we liked. This is a rarity for free VPNs, especially those that require users to create an account. That said, there’s one caveat – all the devices we signed in on shared the 10 GB monthly limit. Moreover, we could only connect one device at a time.

    What We Like
    • Generous 10 GB data limit
    • Unlimited device sign-ins
    • Based in Switzerland (privacy-friendly country)
    • 14 free locations
    What We Don’t Like
    • Doesn’t allow simultaneous connections
    • All devices share the 10 GB data limit
    • No data limit carry-over
    • Generally slower speeds

    PrivadoVPN is great for users with multiple devices who want access to a free VPN. With it, we were able to work on our laptop and surf the web on our smartphones all while enjoying free protection. The 10 GB monthly limit is generous, too; just make sure to keep an eye on your remaining allowance as it refreshes only once and there’s no option to extend it.

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (23)

    As for the reliability of the VPN, it was able to bypass all geo-restrictions we tried it on, from unlocking Netflix libraries to accessing sites we blocked from our office network. It also passed our WebRTC and DNS leak tests, standard tests we perform on VPNs to test their IP protection and see if they’re working.

    One piece of advice we have is if you decide to upgrade to premium, be sure that you’ll no longer need the free one. Once we upgraded and even after the subscription expired, we could no longer go back to the free version. We had to create a new account with a new email address to regain access to the free VPN.

  • 3. Atlas VPN - Best Free VPN for Privacy

    Editors Rating:

    9.0 /10

    View Packages

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (24) Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (25)

    How We Review

    Product Specs

    Multi-hop Yes
    Camouflage Mode No
    Kill switch Yes
    Split Tunneling Yes
    Netflix Yes
    Torrenting Yes

    Data Usage Limit

    The usage limit for the free Atlas VPN was a paltry 5 GB per month – only half of what PrivadoVPN provides. There was also no option to exceed the limit besides the referral bonus that grants seven days of premium access for every new user you refer. We didn’t try the referral program, but it’s common in a lot of VPNs we’ve tested.

    Server Limit

    Atlas VPN provided us access to three free locations – Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and New York. That’s only two countries, and since we’re in New York, the only server that actually changed our IP address location was the Amsterdam server. There’s nothing much we could do with a Dutch IP address that we couldn’t already do with our current U.S. IP address, but we enjoyed binge watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Netflix … until the 5 GB limit ran out, of course.

    Speed Limit

    Atlas VPN was faster than PrivadoVPN overall, but it still cut our network speed by more than half. Our download speed while connected to the Amsterdam server was 102 Mbps while the upload speed was 141 Mbps.

    » More Information: Best Free VPNs for iPhones

    Device Limit

    As far as we can tell, you can sign in on multiple devices using the same free account. We set up Atlas on two iPhones, one Android, a Macbook Air, and a Windows laptop. However, only one of those devices could connect at a time, so like PrivadoVPN, simultaneous connections were not possible.

    What We Like
    • Tracker blocker and data breach monitor
    • Bypasses geo-restrictions
    • Unlimited device sign-ins
    • Decent speeds for a free VPN
    What We Don’t Like
    • 5 GB monthly data limit
    • Doesn’t allow simultaneous connections
    • Servers in three locations only; two are in the U.S.
    • Requires email when signing up

    Atlas VPN wasn’t the best performer among the free VPNs we tested. The speeds were good, but the 5 GB monthly data allowance and the limited server option hampered our ability to use Atlas VPN on a daily basis. 5 GB was simply not enough.

    While that’s the case, we found Atlas VPN a privacy-focused free VPN. For starters, the VPN encryption standard for the free and premium versions were the same – 256-bit AES, otherwise known as military-grade encryption. The same goes for the privacy policy, in which Atlas maintains that it doesn’t log any identifiable information about users’ browsing activity.

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (26)

    We also liked that Atlas included extra security and privacy features even in the free plan. For example, there was the Shield feature that we’ve never seen in any of the free VPNs we tested. Essentially, when we’re connected to Atlas, it monitored the websites we visited and blocked off potentially harmful ones. Checking the log, it even blocked ads and trackers. The Shield feature was similar to Threat Protection when we reviewed NordVPN, currently our highest-rated option.

  • 4. Surfshark - Best VPN Free Trial

    Editors Rating:

    9.5 /10

    View Plans

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (27) Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (28)

    How We Review

    Product Specs

    Multi-hop Yes
    Camouflage Mode Yes
    Kill switch Yes
    Split Tunneling Yes
    Netflix Yes
    Torrenting Yes

    Data Usage Limit

    Surfshark offers a free trial so it’s not like any of the free VPNs on this list. The free trial is good for 30 days, after which you’ll need to renew your subscription (not free) to keep using Surfshark or cancel the service entirely. In our experience, though, canceling Surfshark is quick and easy. There’s no need to talk to a live agent, since there’s an automated cancellation protocol via the chat bot.

    Server Limit

    Since it’s a free trial of the premium service, we got access to the entire Surfshark network. And Surfshark has one of the largest server networks we’ve seen with over 100 locations.

    » Interesting Info: Best Free VPNs for Torrenting

    Speed Limit

    There were no speed limits with Surfshark. We enjoyed speeds of up to 240 Mbps upload and download, although the speed was highly dependent on the server location. We got those speeds from the automatically-selected fastest server at the time we connected, but when we chose a server that’s a little farther away, our network speed dropped to about 200 Mbps.

    Device Limit

    For both the free trial version and the premium version, Surfshark has no device limits. What’s more, it has apps for almost every platform that supports VPN apps, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FireTV, Chromecast, and more.

    What We Like
    • Full access to premium features
    • Speedy connections
    • Strong encryption and access to OpenVPN and WireGuard
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections
    What We Don’t Like
    • Have to pay the initial subscription fee
    • Have to cancel within 30 days to request a refund
    • Free trial works only once per account
    • Shorter free trial for in-app purchases

    The Surfshark free trial we’re talking about is the money-back guarantee that comes with every Surfshark subscription. That means you’ll have to buy a subscription first, but you’ll be refunded if you cancel before 30 days.

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (29)

    When we tried Surfshark, we canceled on the 25th day and our access ended right then. The process was smooth. First, we logged-in to our Surfshark web dashboard, and then started a chat with the chatbot. From there, we selected the automated protocol that initiated the cancellation and refund. It took about six business days for the refund to reflect on our credit card statement.

    A 30-day money-back guarantee is normal in the VPN industry, but we found Surfshark the easiest to cancel, which is why we think it’s the best VPN free trial. For example, with NordVPN, we had to chat with a live agent and there were hoops to go through – they asked why we were canceling and they were insistent we let them “fix whatever the problem was” before letting us go. With Surfshark, it was literally no-questions-asked.

  • 5. TunnelBear - Best Server Network

    Editors Rating:

    8.8 /10

    View Packages

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (30) Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (31)

    How We Review

    Product Specs

    MultiHop Yes
    Camouflage Mode Yes
    Kill Switch Yes
    Netflix Yes
    Torrenting Yes

    Data Usage Limit

    We found conflicting information regarding the data limit of TunnelBear. Their website mentions 2 GB per month5and 500 MB per month on separate occasions6, but the Android and Windows app we tested said we had 8 GB of data when we first logged in. And indeed, we were able to use every bit of that 8 GB allowance by the end of the month, so neither TunnelBear pages were correct.

    Server Limit

    What we found great about TunnelBear is it offers the same server locations to premium and free users. We were able to choose from the over 40 countries where its servers are located.

    Speed Limit

    TunnelBear was on the sluggish side, even when we upgraded to a premium account. It only gave us about 110 Mbps of download and 90 Mbps of upload speed, which was acceptable for a free VPN but slow for a premium VPN.

    Device Limit

    We were able to log in using the same account on up to five devices and connect them simultaneously to TunnelBear. We couldn’t sign in on more than five devices, though, but it was easy enough to create a second account using a different email. So if you need multi-device access to a VPN, TunnelBear is a good option, especially with its generous 8 GB data limit.

    What We Like
    • 8 GB data limit per month
    • Interactive user interface
    • Over 40 server locations
    • Five simultaneous connections
    What We Don’t Like
    • Sluggish speeds
    • City-level selection of server is locked for free users
    • Inconsistent website information
    • Almost non-existent customer support

    We found TunnelBear a really great free VPN for unblocking websites because of its over 40 server locations and decent speeds for a free VPN. It also hardly gets detected as a VPN because there are many servers, which means users are well-dispersed. We tested an older free version of Hotspot Shield before with only one server location in Las Vegas, and because all free users used to connect to it, it easily got tagged and blocked by Netflix. Multiple users connecting to Netflix using the same IP address is an obvious indication of VPN use.

    Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (32)

    When it comes to server locations, the only difference between the free and paid TunnelBear VPNs is that the latter gets city-level server options. That means if you select the United States location, for instance, you can choose between the 13 cities where TunnelBear is located. With the free account, we only got to select the country. That’s it. That’s their only difference when it comes to servers, and that’s why we think TunnelBear has the best server network for a free VPN.

What NOT To Look For in Free VPNs

Normally, after our “best VPNs for” lists, we put a section about what to look for in VPNs so our readers can do their own research if they want. For free VPNs however, we find it easier to list what NOT to look for. There are so many free VPNs going around that it’s much easier to eliminate those with red flags that weed out the ones that are worth the download.

If you see any of these from a free VPN, stay away; the risk is not worth it:

    • Unclear, vague, or non-existent privacy policy: Even though you’re using a free service, you still deserve to know what data will be collected, how it will be used, with whom it will be shared, and how it will be kept secure. Free options that don’t provide that information are likely going to profit off of your data.
    • Community-powered networks: Some free VPNs are able to operate without actual servers by utilizing their users’ networks as proxy servers. If you connect to a “server” in Australia, for example, that’s actually the network of another user in Australia. And if you sign up for such community-powered VPNs, your device and network will be used as proxy servers as well. That’s risky because your IP address will be tied to the internet activity of whoever’s connected to your network. If they use it for illegal activities, you could be legally liable.

» Learn more: Do VPNs Hide Your Browsing History?

    • No company background: Circling back to what we said earlier, it’s an absolute must to avoid VPNs with generic names, most of which have no company background. It’s imperative to choose a VPN company with whom you can entrust your browsing data, and without clear information on who’s running the show, it’s just impossible to trust such VPNs that don’t provide company information.
    • Too much ads: It’s normal for free VPNs to show ads – even our top-pick Hotspot Shield does it – but some go overboard showing ads every few seconds you spend in their apps. Even worse, there are free VPNs that will inject ads into your browsing. If you start to see ads where you haven’t seen them before – for example, on an ad-free website like ours – that’s likely adware caused by a free VPN.
    • Malware: This is a little harder to detect since free VPNs that contain adware will obviously hide their malicious intent. Hence, before using a free VPN, you must ensure your device has sufficient malware protection. If your antivirus software detects malware after installing a free VPN, get rid of the malware and the VPN immediately.

» Further Reading: Setting Up a VPN

  • Device performance issues: Lastly, if your device starts being sluggish after installing a free VPN, that’s another red flag. It could mean that the VPN app is doing something else in the background besides connecting you to a tunnel. It could be sniffing for passwords, downloading bloatware, or infecting your device with malware.
Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (33)

In any case, we recommend being extra vigilant when choosing a free VPN to use. It’s like walking alone at night – you might make it to your destination safely, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra watchful.

Do Free VPNs Offer The Same Level of Protection as Premium VPNs?

Assuming you find a VPN that doesn’t have any of the red flags mentioned above, you can rest easy knowing that most of the safe-to-use free VPNs offer the same protection as premium VPNs. Let’s take our five best picks as examples.

When it comes to encryption, all of them use 256-bit AES, which is the gold standard for VPN encryption. That’s the same encryption standard used by the strongest VPNs in the market.

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (34)

As for VPN protocols, ProtonVPN, Atlas VPN, Surfshark, and TunnelBear all use OpenVPN and WireGuard. VPN protocols are a set of instructions VPNs follow when creating their secure tunnels, and OpenVPN and WireGuard are widely considered the best VPN protocols today. As for Hotspot Shield, it uses Hydra, a proprietary VPN we’ve proven secure in our review of UltraVPN, another VPN that uses Hydra.

Lastly, we did WebRTC leak and DNS leak test on all five of them and they all passed. These leak tests are standard to our testing process, and they determine whether a VPN is leaking our IP information (unsecure) or not. Since they all passed, we can say that our top-pick free VPNs offer adequate privacy and security.

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (35)

Do Free VPNs Work on All Devices?

Besides the limit on the number of devices you can connect, some free VPNs also do not work on all platforms. For example, even though Atlas VPN has an app for Fire TVs, it’s reserved for paying users. Typically, free VPNs work on common platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. They also have extensions for Chrome and Opera browsers sometimes. However, it’s much harder to find free VPNs for Linux, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Conclusion: Free VPNs vs. Premium VPNs, Which Is Better?

We think you know what our answer is going to be. We’d choose premium VPNs over free VPNs any day of the week. However, if you’re in a situation where buying a VPN subscription is not a viable option, we have nothing against the use of free VPNs. Despite having limitations, free VPNs can offer adequate privacy and security, just as long as you use a trustworthy one.

FAQs About Free VPNs

  • What are the best free VPNs of 2024?

    The best free VPNs of 2024 are Hotspot Shield, PrivadoVPN, Atlas VPN, Surfshark and TunnelBear. Hotspot Shield is our top-pick because of its excellent speed that rivaled even the best premium VPNs, but bear in mind that it still has limitations. It’s powered by ads, for example, and it offers access to only three locations.

  • Can free VPNs bypass geographic restrictions?

    Most free VPNs can bypass geographic restrictions, but for best results, we recommend free VPNs with servers in more than 10 locations.

  • What are the limitations of free VPNs?

    The limitations of free VPNs often include data usage limits, speed capping, and limited simultaneous connections. Some VPNs may also limit the number of server locations you can access.

  • Are free VPNs safe?

    Not all free VPNs are safe, which is why we recommend getting a free version of a reputable paid VPN rather than downloading a VPN advertised as 100 percent free.

  • Are free VPNs the same as proxies?

    No. Free VPNs offer data encryption, while proxies only route your traffic through a proxy server. While proxies are more affordable, VPNs offer more privacy and digital security.

Best Free VPNs of 2024 | (2024)


Best Free VPNs of 2024 | ›

ProtonVPN. Proton VPN's free tier is the only truly free VPN we've encountered that's worth using.

Is there a 100% free VPN? ›

ProtonVPN. Proton VPN's free tier is the only truly free VPN we've encountered that's worth using.

Which is the strongest free VPN? ›

The Best Free VPNs of 2024
  • NordVPN - Best Full-Featured VPN with Free Offers.
  • Surfshark - Best VPN Free Trial.
  • Hotspot Shield - Fastest Free VPN.
  • PrivadoVPN - Best Free VPN for Unlimited Devices.
  • Atlas VPN - Best Free VPN for Privacy.
  • TunnelBear - Best Server Network.
Apr 26, 2024

Is there a free VPN without limitations? ›

With Proton VPN Free, you can defeat censorship and access the internet privately. We operate a strict no-logs policy, and we'll never show you ads. Our unlimited free plan has no data or time limits, and will be free forever.

Is there a free VPN Unlimited? ›

Proton VPN is the best unlimited VPN with a free version. Thanks to its unbreakable security, fast connection speeds, no-logs policy, and unlimited data, you can surf the Internet freely without any limitations or risks.

Are any VPNs actually free? ›

✔️ You need truly unlimited data. Proton VPN Free is one of the the only free VPNs to offer unlimited fast data. ✔️ You're on Linux. Proton VPN Free is a great option for Linux users, and even offers a full GUI.

Are free VPNs illegal? ›

VPNs are completely legal in almost all countries. In countries where they are restricted, possible punishments for using a VPN include fines or imprisonment. However, it is exceedingly rare to hear about punishments for VPN use, unless the user is doing something dubious or illegal online.

What is the best VPN without paying? ›

PrivadoVPN: Best free VPN overall. Privado is the best free VPN on the market and our editor's choice. It keeps your identity safe and is especially suited for PC and Mac users, with an easy-to-navigate interface and solid security features. PrivadoVPN also has apps for iOS, Android, and Android TV.

Why is there no good free VPN? ›

Weak encryption

One of the primary reasons for using a VPN is to benefit from the strong encryption protocols that keep your data secure. However, many free VPNs employ weak or outdated encryption protocols like PPTP, which can leave you vulnerable to cyber threats, data theft and more.

Which free VPN is best for free internet? ›

  • — Great Free VPN With Tons of Free Server Locations. hide. ...
  • Hotspot Shield — Good for Secure Web Browsing. Hotspot Shield's free plan is good for surfing the web as it has unlimited data. ...
  • Windscribe — Decent Free VPN for Streaming. ...
  • TunnelBear — Really Good Free VPN for New Users.

Can a free VPN be hacked? ›

Like any software, all VPNs are technically capable of being hacked. No software is 100% perfect, and VPNs, like any internet-based software, can fall victim to different attacks.

Is ProtonVPN completely free? ›

Free VPN. We believe privacy and security are fundamental human rights, so we also provide a free version of Proton VPN to the public. Unlike other free VPNs, there are no catches. We don't serve ads or secretly sell your browsing history.

Is Brave VPN free? ›

Brave VPN is a subscription service. It's available in the Brave Browser on desktop and mobile devices for $9.99 / month. Each subscription comes with a 7 day free trial.

Which VPN is free for lifetime? ›

You will receive a lifetime free account with SetupVPN. No strings attached! We do not push premium service on our customers. My country has government level web filtering.

Is there a VPN I can try for free? ›

You can get a free trial for Surfshark if you get your subscription through the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can get a Surfshark subscription directly from our website and get your money back within 30 days if the service doesn't meet your expectations.

What is the best free VPN with no logs? ›

The best no-logs VPN is Private Internet Access (PIA), which is cheap and keeps zero connection or activity logs. Its no-logs policy has been audited by third-parties and verified multiple times in real-life court cases. The best free VPN with zero logs is Proton VPN Free — though it's not a good choice for torrenting.

Is there a 100% free VPN Hide Me? ›

Can I use VPN for free? Yes! We provide a top-notch free VPN service that's always free, with no trials, payments, or sign-ups required. Plus, Free users get the same security as our paid users, ensuring everyone enjoys the same level of security and anonymity.

Is there a 100% free VPN for Chrome? ›

PaladinVPN is a 100% free unlimited VPN service! It has no time, bandwidth, speed, and location switching limit at all.

Is there a 100% free VPN Proton VPN? ›

We believe privacy should be accessible to all, which is why we have a 100% free VPN with no catches. Our free VPN has allowed people around the world to bypass censorship and regain online freedom.

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